The ADVANCED® Volumising Keratin Brush

The ADVANCED ® Volumising Keratin Brush is a revolutionary tool for natural-looking keratin fibre application in seconds. An unbelievable way to temporarily conceal areas where hair is thinning, the ADVANCED ® Volumising Keratin Brush makes it easy for anyone to use keratin fibres as part of their everyday routine

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How it Works

With the ADVANCED® Volumising Keratin Brush, thousands of miniature keratin fibre particles cling statically to your hair, instantly concealing areas of thinning. You can easily brush in the just the amount of coverage that you need, focusing on sparser areas that are expertly concealed. No need to use messy sprays.

Use as needed. Fibres easily wash off with regular shampoo.

Before and After

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Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Grey, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Ash Blonde